We understand that every client's circumstances are different, and there is no size fit all approach. Please contact us for accurate pricing and plans tailored for your needs. 

We know we are not the cheapest but we are certain we provide the best value and service. We spent a lot of time in your business to gain a detailed understanding of your business. We tailor all our advises to client circumstances. We keep our firm small and only take a limited number of clients to make sure every client gets individual attention. Read about our promises here and what makes us unique here.

If you are a salary earner, please click here to find out our pricing for individual tax returns.

Starting out 

From $220 per month

You recently switched to a contracting role from being an employee.  You are starting out as a contractor and would like to test the waters before choosing this path for the long-run. 


From $330 per month

You are experienced and can see the benefits of working independently. You want to be your own boss and is looking for long term strategy for tax savings and asset protection.


From $440 per month

You have been in the industry for many years. You are juggling many projects throughout the year. You have an efficient structure and is looking to expand your business. You are ready to hire more professionals and train them. 


From $660 per month

You own your consultancy and many professionals work for your clients under your direction.  You need advice on complex business and financial decisions affecting your everyday operations. You need an effective partnership that can help to run the financial and tax side of your business efficiently. 


The all-inclusive pricing model covers your annual tax returns all activity statements with unlimited advise and support. It also includes all of our standard services. Before you signup, you will receive a full list of inclusions. Some of the extraordinary or one time assignments can be done at a pre-agreed price.  

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