What We Offer

A fantastic accountant can make a massive difference to your tax-refund. It is not about claiming dodgy expenses but about fighting for what is legally yours. 

Tax Returns

We prepare individual tax returns with all types of income and expenses. We offer a 24 hour turnover around on all tax returns. To ensure fast and efficient processing, download our tax deduction checklist and "what we need from you" document from our resources page.  

Tax minimization advise 

If you are an employee with just a salary, one of the most efficient and rare ways to save tax is salary packing. There are many things one can salary package with cars being ordinary. Send us an email to find out if salary packing is right for you. If you are a rental property owner, contact us to find out about property depreciation and other expenses or how capital gains work. 

Industry Specific Tax Deductions

We have implemented an advanced software developed to find every deduction for every occupation (that we can think of). We maximise your tax deductions. Do not go by the general advise and lose a part of your refund. We make sure every legitimate deduction available to you is claimed. 


Our fees are based on how complex the tax return is. The first meeting is free of cost and you will receive an obligation free quote.  We are not the cheapest accountant out there. It is because we don't operate on a volume-based model where tax returns are churned out like a product in a factory. We spend a lot of time understanding all aspects of your work and do a lot of research to make sure you get the maximum refund possible. Our clients say the extra tax-refund they get is a lot more than our fees.