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Help when you need it the most

The global pandemic has hit us hard. At Riva, we are committed to serving our community the best way we can. We are offering tax returns at half price for individuals who are affected by COVID-19 and government shutdowns. 

We are also offering support to small businesses by way of free financial check-ups and up to 50% discount on accounting fees. 

Please contact us with a brief description of your current situation to find out if you qualify discounted tax return or accounting package. 

Free Check-Up

We understand change is not easy

How do you know you are getting good value for the fees you pay? Contact us to find out how we can improve your financial situation. We focus on:

  • Is your business run using the best legal structure for tax efficiency and asset protection?

  • Are you making the best use of all the tax benefits available to small businesses? 

  • Are you missing out on tax breaks by failing to claim valid expenses?

  • Are you getting the right advice at the right time?

  • Are your lodgements and payments up to date?

  • How do your numbers look compared to other businesses in your industry?

Take up our limited free financial check-up offer and make sure your accountant is doing their best for your business. It is completely free and no strings attached. Firm principal, Vishnu Cholayil, will visit you at a time of your choosing to discuss your financial situation. It can be after hours or on a weekend if more convenient.

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