What We Can Do For You

If your current accountant is going through the motions, you’ll be amazed at the difference a top accountant can make. We can bring a tonne of extra capability and insight into your business.

Tax Preparation and Advise

There’s more to tax than completing and submitting your returns. We can  help you:

  • lower your tax exposure 

  • deal with old tax debts

  • minimize payroll tax 

  • fix poor record-keeping 

  • help you avoid audits and 

  • make sure your books are watertight if you’re audited.

Set up your cloud accounting software

We will automate a lot of your business’s accounting so that sales and expense data flows directly into your accounts. We will also set you up with invoicing systems that tell you which invoices customers have paid and what is outstanding. Smart software will even send reminder emails to clients who haven’t paid so you don’t have to.

Manage your debt - Commission free

We can find the least expensive borrowing strategies for your business with the right mix of repayment flexibility and low interest. If you need refinancing, we can take care of that too. We will also advise when spare cash should be used to pay back loans, and when it should be reinvested in the business.  Remaining commission-free helps us to avoid a conflict of interest and serve your best interests. 

Write and pitch loan applications

Applying for a loan is both an art and a science. We will do more than just pull together your numbers. We can help you craft a compelling story. Lenders need to see solid financials and credible forecasts, but that’s just the beginning. We will tie it all together in a presentation that sells a broader vision for your business.

Choosing the right structure 

We help you choose the right structure, which is best for your business. We consider all factors relevant to you and tailor it to match your circumstances:

  • Asset protection & liability 

  • Tax efficiency

  • Flexibility & complexity 

  • Minimizing or eliminating Payroll Tax

  • Cost

Fix your cash flow

Many profitable businesses fail because they run out of money at the wrong time and can’t afford to pay suppliers or staff. We help you predict the effect on cash flow and come up with strategies to manage the situation. We can organize cash reserves and come up with a spending plan that ensures there’s always money in the bank.

Help with business strategy

There are many moving parts in a business. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to focus. We can help you figure out what’s important. We’ll work with you to set goals – personal, professional, and financial and then give you tools to measure your progress.

Budget smartly

Detailed budgeting can eat up a lot of your time and energy. As a result, many businesses end up working off a set of numbers full of assumptions and estimates. We can help you produce an accurate budget that gives you real confidence. You’ll know the actual cost of doing business, how much money you can reinvest and you’ll see what you can pay yourself.

So, what does an accountant like us do?

The straightforward answer used to be that they wore suits and sat behind enormous desks. That is not true anymore. Modern accounting makes business better. We will come into your workplace to see how your business works. We schedule all meetings at your convenience and at the place of your choosing, not the other way around.

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